Ozark's Best

Premium Cedar Cants
and Mulch

--2010 and 2011 Runner-up Top Exporter
--Grown, harvested and processed in the Ozarks
--Eastern red cedar cants 8' lengths
--Various sizes available: 4x4, 6x6, etc.
--100% Eastern Red Cedar Mulch
--Nearly 100% harvested
from private landowners of the Ozarks
--Manufacturers of Ozark's best cedar cants and mulch
--Buyers of cedar logs and cordwood

WW Cedar Operations

WW CEDAR CO LLC is a business operated in Maries County, located 4 miles north of Vienna, Missouri on Highway 63. This business is the 5th generation of the Williams family working in the wood industry in the Ozarks.
--Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are open for business year around. WW Cedar Co LLC has been buying Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginia), since fall of 1996. Our business is working with Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginia), only. We do not process any other species of wood at this time. We are currently processing Aromatic Eastern Red cedar mulch and cedar lumber.
--We buy small cedar wood pieces (cordwood length) to make mulch and we buy the larger logs for cedar saw Logs. We offer cedar mulch to customers in Missouri and many other states surrounding Missouri. We offer cedar cant lumber to customers in the United States and internationally.We are processing quality cedar lumber with a very minimal amount of bark and rot spots. We are more selective with our specifications on our lumber because we have mulch sales for the material that does not meet our lumber specifications.